Apex Performance – Who We Are and Our History

APEX has a passion for helping those who want to see their ultimate dream fulfilled, live up to their potential, and become a true peak performer. Whether you are a professional athlete, wounded warrior, CEO, high school student, or Navy SEAL, APEX has the track record and commitment that will help you achieve your goals. Our fundamental purpose is to enhance performance and change people’s lives.


Founder of West Point’s Center for Enhanced Performance and Founder of APEX Performance COL Louis Csoka at West Point with General Norman Schwarzkopf, CPT Bob Brown, Coach Jim Young, and Cadet Mike Mayweather.

APEX Performance’s founder, Louis S. Csoka, PhD, originally developed the Peak Performance mental skills techniques for use at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, where his programs are still in use to enhance the military, academic and athletic performance of cadets. The integrative mental skills training model developed for the West Point program and used by Apex ever since has stood the test of time and is backed by over 20+ years of successful training and development and significant evidence-based results. Dr. Csoka later opened a Peak Performance Center within a Fortune 500 company, working with high potential executives on developing mental skills to enhance their leadership.

Seeing the benefit that deliberate mental skills training could have on developing high-performing leaders, Dr. Csoka and his business partner, Brian Hackett, started Apex Performance, Inc., focusing on leader development and peak performance in a broad spectrum of organizations. Most recently, Apex has brought these techniques to major corporations, government agencies, and military professionals where they are being broadly applied to help individuals and teams in achieving performance excellence. Apex continues to work with elite athletes at all levels, carrying on the initial foundation of the program which was based on sports.

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The foundation for peak performance comes from within; it is the ability of an individual to adapt to the circumstances, think effectively under pressure and develop focused solutions while communicating effectively with others. Based on the latest findings from the fields of performance psychology and neuroscience, APEX believes that these are not innate skills, but can in fact be developed with proper training. APEX Performance provides education and training to a diverse group of clients. Our unique and customized program offers an abundance of benefits to individuals and organizations in the following domains: business, sport, government, active military, veterans, retired military, education and medicine.

People can be good performers when the situation is relatively favorable. However, APEX believes that an understanding of how the human brain learns and functions and how the mind is such a critical factor in performance can take a good performing individual or team and transform them into great performers.


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