Team members have experience in diverse military, business, and sport roles; they are highly motivated individuals with a proven ability to generate results. Together, they are specialists in peak performance training for leader development, team building, human resources, management consulting, executive education, sales planning/execution, and negotiations. Each Apex Peak Performance Trainer/Coach comes with knowledge and experience in applied sport and performance psychology, giving them the most pertinent expertise for coaching mental skills. Furthermore, each Apex trainer/coach completes a rigorous certification process that prepares them to deliver the Apex program throughout the country with a continuity of service unmatched in the field. Apex team members practice what they teach and have mastered each of the critical mental skills that they pass on to every client.

Apex trainers/coaches are qualified professionals with backgrounds in sports psychology, performance psychology, exercise physiology, and athletic counseling. They come to Apex with education and experience and are then Apex Certified to deliver a proven systematic training, while having the expertise to individualize all programs based on each clients need, goals, and challenges. All trainers/coaches utilize biofeedback and are always incorporating the latest in brain science. All are members of AAPB and are certified or are currently pursuing BCIA certification. All team members are certified under Dr. Louis Csoka and learn the Apex Model based on the original program he developed at West Point. The Program is continually being enhanced and updated based on mental skills training and neuroscience.

Several Apex team members work exclusively with retired military veterans at Apex Peak Performance Centers located on the Wounded Warrior Project’s San Antonio, TX and Jacksonville, FL campuses, and on campus at the Veterans Affairs Acquisitions Academy. The Wounded Warrior Project and the VAAA have partnered with Apex to provide state-of-the-art training facilities that assist in helping veterans return to civilian life. With these partnerships, Apex team members assist in the development of mental skills for taking on the world and creating a new life for each and every veteran completing the program.

In addition, Apex team members are authors and researchers that have served as trusted advisors to include senior Fortune 500 leaders, government executives, Olympic and professional athletes, NCAA student-athletes, active military personnel, and wounded warriors.

BCIA with White Border for onlineApex Trainers are Board Certified in Biofeedback by the
Biofeedback Certification International Alliance.

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