Mindfulness (2)Part 2. Minute Meditations

So now that we have established that mindfulness may be the key to boosting productivity and reducing stress during our workday, the next step is figuring out how exactly to be more mindful. During this series, we will present a variety of ways you can increase your mindfulness. Your job is to try them out and see what techniques work best for you. 

This week, our focus is on minute meditations. Too busy to work meditation into your schedule? Well, contrary to what you may believe, you do not need to attend a silent retreat, train to be a monk or even dedicate hours a day to successfully meditate. In fact, you can benefit from meditating for just one minute at a time. 

Minute meditations can be an energizing way to center yourself and find some mental clarity while taking a break from your computer screen. How, you ask? When you’re feeling stressed, frantic, depleted of energy or in a mental fog, stop what you’re doing. Just for one minute, try to focus completely on your breathing. Count every inhale and exhale until you’ve reached 30. Here’s a helpful stick figure video to show you how easy it can be:

At first, you might find meditating with your eyes closed in a quiet place while comfortably seated best, but once you get the hang of focusing on your breath, try performing minute meditations with your eyes open and in different settings. Perform a minute meditation while taking a break outside, walking around the building, stretching at your desk or even on your drive in to work. A successful minute meditation will be calming and serves to bring your attention back under your control so that you can direct it to only what’s most important. 

Now that you know how, it’s time to get some practice. We recommend scheduling a minute meditation at least once a day for the next several days to get used to making it a part of your routine. Next up, we’ll be talking about how you can use technology to help you become a minute meditation master!