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At the highest level of any pursuit, the difference between the two top performers in a contest is always mental. One holds it together—while the other falls apart. The same is true in business. Whether you are confronting a crisis, making a pitch, negotiating a deal, or facing a deadline, your mindset can give you the edge.

When the Pressure’s On brings peak performance principles to the boardroom, revealing five core mental skills that enable professionals to excel while under duress:

Goal Setting—become mission-driven
Adaptive Thinking—replace negative thoughts with positive ones
Stress/Energy Management—keep your cool no matter what
Attention Control—maintain focus despite distractions
Imagery—see success before it happens

Together, the skills form the core of this complete brain-training program, which is packed with guidelines, examples, exercises, assessments, and the latest advances in biofeedback and neuroscience. By learning to harness the power of your mind, you’ll achieve extraordinary results when it matters most.

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  • When the Pressure’s On is a brilliant achievement. Bravo! – Bob Morris
  • Learning how to manage stress and perform at your best in spite of it has become a necessary executive skill. Psychologist Louis S. Csoka, founder of Apex Performance, offers a five-step, brain-training program to help you alter your thought patterns and behaviors so you can excel under pressure….Csoka’s structured tactics and practical exercises can help you build the mental prowess to achieve your best. getAbstract recommends his approach to those who want to change how they react to stress.
  • As a guy who has experienced high-pressure environments (West Point graduate and instructor, U.S. Army officer, Vietnam War veteran, C-level executive in a billion-dollar company), Csoka noticed that Olympic athletes and business people often experience the same kind of pressure to perform…This led Csoka on a journey into the world of peak performance….

    When the Pressure’s On is an awesome read for any person who feels the need to perform well under extremely stressful conditions (which is really just about everyone these days). It is particularly well suited for executive leaders and sales people who feel even more pressure to “show the numbers” (demonstrate their value to a company) on a regular basis. The book provides the missing link between goal-setting and consistent goal achievement that is critical in that kind of high-pressure environment. Review by Charles Franklin for Small Business Trends

  • Good points, not just when the pressure’s on… Reminders about nutrition and exercise, how to handle typical stress and pressure….Overall, an excellent read. Amazon Review
  • Practical, Well Researched and Easy Read. This book can be used for senior business leaders, elite athletes, military leaders or anyone trying to be your best when it matters the most. It has tons of practical tips and the it also helps you understand the neuroscience behind peak performance. Amazon Review
  • This book is changing everything I know about goal setting & planning.
  • Dr. Csoka does a fantastic job of presenting a mental path many of us can easily take when trying to manage daily stress or accomplish something of great importance in our lives. Many of us have dreams and desires, but in order to accomplish something great, we have to actually make it a goal and reach for it. Professional athletes don’t just wake up one morning, decide to participate, and become the MVP of something they’ve never done before. It takes mental agility, focus, positive thinking, stress management and visualization (or “Imagery” as Dr. Csoka presents it)…This book isn’t about being better than everyone else, it’s just being YOUR best, and being able to achieve it even when you’re under pressure. – Barnes and Noble Review

The Golfer’s Guide to Peak Performance: Playing With guide-to-peak-performance-bookYour Mind, Not Just Your Clubs.

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