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ApexApproachbiofeedbackPeak performance is about performing at your best when it matters the most, and it matters the most in critical situations where one action changes everything! Knowing what that action is and when to do it is the key to success in business, sports, work and life.

APEX Performance provides education and training to a diverse group of clients. Our unique and customized program offers an abundance of benefits to individuals and organizations in the following domains: business, sport, government, education and medicine.

Integrated Approach

Each of APEX’s customizable programs helps the client master the five core mental skills of peak performance. The skills learned in the Apex program do not just apply to the workplace, court, or field. Since every Apex core mental skill is at the heart of all types of performances, the Apex program teaches clients to perform their best in any situation they might encounter. Whether it’s a CEO determined to change his organization or a student-athlete trying to graduate with honors, the Apex team helps them succeed.

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Goal Setting – Mission to Action. Setting goals is relatively easy; however, making them happen is not. Transforming goals into affirmations and deliberate action connects what we are doing with what we are thinking.

Adaptive Thinking – We become what we think about the most. Peak performance is all about developing and maintaining confidence. In order to perform with sustained confidence, the brain must be conditioned to think quickly and effectively in any situation.

Stress-Energy Management – Thriving under pressure. Anyone can perform well when everything is going just right, but what about when conditions are unfavorable, when the pressure is on, or when things are not going according to plan? Who really delivers then? Performers who control their physical, mental, and emotional response.

Attention Control – Concentration amidst distractions. The ability to completely immerse oneself in a specific task involves the ability to focus and concentrate on what is relevant for that situation amidst a multitude of distractions. In today’s hectic performance environments, it’s not just what you pay attention to, it’s how you pay attention.

Imagery – What you see is what you get. Imagery, or visualization, is a powerful tool for seeing a desired outcome. The power of imagery comes from the confidence gained by seeing and feeling a successful performance in the mind before it actually happens.

Fields of Application:

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APEX Peak Performance Training CentersPersonalized Training

Automated and cookie-cutter programs can work very well for select individuals, but this comes at the cost of ignoring others’ needs for development. Apex uses interviews, surveys, questionnaires, and state-of-the-art biofeedback technology to individualize training for each group and client. Each speaking engagement, workshop, and individual training session is customizable based on client needs, which leads to accelerated learning and enhanced performance. Effective training is about the individual and the APEX approach reflects this.

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Measurable Results

There are four major areas of measurement that APEX uses to ensure both client satisfaction and “real-life” benefits both in and out of the performance environment.

  • Participant Experience: With surveys and open discussion, APEX looks to receive feedback on each training experience so that we continue to hold ourselves to the highest standard in peak performance and leadership training.
  • Participant Knowledge: Enjoyment is, of course, crucial to a successful program, but actually learning new skills is crucial to performance improvement. Using biofeedback and scientifically-based assessments, APEX takes the guesswork and opinion out of learning and incorporates hard data into training.
  • Skill Application: Training doesn’t end when clients leave an APEX program. Using follow-up coaching and post-program assessments, APEX tracks behavior change and application of newly learned skills well beyond the training room or seminar environment. It is important to see how well the new skills are being applied in a “real-world” environment.
  • Performance Improvement: Knowledge and skill mean nothing without a measurable increase in the bottom line. APEX prides itself in years of helping individuals and organizations increase profits, decrease employee turnover,  win more games, receive promotions, complete college degrees, and much more.  


New Apex Posters  (11X17)- FINAL - 8-14-2012_Page_8 (2)There are two key factors in learning a new skill. One of these factors is an expert instructor showing you how to perform that skill. The second is real time feedback to measure how the skill is being developed. Advances in biofeedback technology have allowed Apex Performance to implement this real-time feedback into all of our programs.

Imagine being able to see precisely what happens in your brain and body when you are stressed out, relaxed, tired, or focused. Imagine learning what it looks and feels like to have your mind and body in perfect sync which you can then replicate in a critical performance situation. With the use of biofeedback, true self-awareness is learned, making self-control and self-regulation possible. Using biofeedback as a key tool for measuring change, our clients become aware of, and can differentiate between, constantly changing mental, emotional, and physiological states.

APEX prides itself in being on the cutting edge in terms of peak performance training by incorporating the latest biofeedback and neurofeedback technologies to impact performance and affect personal change. APEX training shows measurable change for each of our clients by assuring that each Peak Performance Trainer is equipped with the skills and equipment needed to apply biofeedback and mental skills training. APEX founder, Dr. Louis Csoka, is board certified in biofeedback and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Association of Applied Psychophysiology, a leading organization for biofeedback. All Apex Peak Performance Lead Trainers are board certification for the use of biofeedback in performance training.

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Through the APEX Peak Performance Programs, each client learns to achieve and sustain a greater sense of self-awareness and control, giving them the edge in performance excellence. Apex delivers training in a number of different modalities and media.

Apex Mastery Program

This program is an elite level one-on-one development program emphasizing education, training and coaching. It will improve your performance by enhancing your mental, emotional and physiological control. One Mastery client said, “The science behind the training validated and provided measurable results that years of personal coaching could not. It made it ‘real’.”

This program is for executive leaders, elite athletes, and high performing military and government professionals desiring a fully individualized program who must consistently perform under conditions of pressure, high demand, volatility, uncertainty, and continuous change while leading themselves, teams, or organizations to new heights of performance and effectiveness. These clients commit to developing their full potential by seeking greater self-awareness and personal control in order to enhance their performance and their lives.

Apex Individual Program

Individual Programs are designed for the specific clients’ needs and is a one-on-one customized experience with an Apex Trainer.  Clients leave with tools and techniques to improve their performance through enhanced mental and physiological control. This program is ideal for athletes and professionals who want to learn the basic mental skills and begin to practice acquiring them.

Apex Custom Workshop

Customized workshops can be designed for specific outcomes, teams or targeted individuals within an organization. These workshops are ideal for a group of athletes, executives, managers and high level contributors who want to improve their overall performance. The program will be designed and shaped to the needs of the client.

Some example workshops are: Full Mental Skills training, Leader Development, Team Building, Goal Setting, Stress-Energy Management, Innovation and Ideation Workshops.

APEX Leadership Experiences

The APEX Leadership Experiences on the battlefields are not about guns and bullets. They are about the direct and indirect impact of leadership on the planning, preparation and execution of a strategic end. By “reliving” the battles through on-the-ground examination of who, what, where and when, executives learn practical and valuable lessons. They learn about critical leader actions, the importance of timely and effective communication and coordination, teamwork and team-building, the ability to visualize the situation, and persevering against all odds.

Program Basics:

  • Based on custom engagements at Gettysburg and Normandy (1 ½ or 2 ½ day staff rides)
  • Cultivated from the experiential learning model (called a staff ride) that US Army commanders have used for years to develop their staffs
  • Offers more than knowledge gained from books, by providing the opportunity to see and feel what leaders faced in critical moments
  • The Apex team brings to life the lessons learned
  • Executives depart from the experience armed with new knowledge and insights, better prepared to enhance their own leadership effectiveness as well as their continued growth and development
  • Different packages available
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Peak Performance Speaking, Consulting and Coaching

Apex Performance offers customized in-house seminars and speaking engagements as well as individual consulting services. These offerings are developed to meet immediate organizational needs and respond to the most pressing challenges identified by management.

Program Basics:

  • Based on client oriented needs
  • Seminars and speaking engagements based on core mental skills and peak performance.
  • Customized coaching/consulting for C-Level executives focused on their business and leadership objectives using the Apex training model and protocol
  • Mini-workshops based on specific topics utilizing advanced biofeedback technologies
  • Emotional Intelligence assessment and coaching

Peak Performance Center

APEX Performance can provide fully equipped, in-house Peak Performance Centers for its clients. This service includes trainer certification for in-house training capability and continuous technical and content support, including technology upgrades, continuous staff training and re certification. An internal Peak Performance Center and program provides the full capability of an organization to deliver the most powerful peak performance mental skills education and training program for its people.

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