The pressure to succeed is greater than ever before and this pressure is being felt by everyone at every age. Based on the latest neuroscience, anyone can change the way the brain thinks and reacts in any situation, regardless of their age. Educating and training students on self-awareness and how the brain can be trained to function more effectively enhances their ability to be mentally agile. This kind of mental training also develops the tools required to succeed in school, college, the work environment and ultimately in life.

APEX teaches core mental skills that foster an individual’s capability to control mental, emotional, and physiological responses to any situation thus enhancing resilience and overall performance. Through the training and education of the key mental skills and the use of technology, students and parents have reported improved grades, increased concentration, ease of focus in school, decreased test anxiety, and more importantly, an increase in self-confidence.

Woman Doing Calculations Our in-depth training workshops can be designed to educate and train those individuals working with children and adolescents on five key mental skills in order for them to elicit the most optimal results from their students. Delivered by APEX Trainers/Coaches, skills learned can be transferred to an educator’s personal and professional life. This produces a decrease in stress, an overall positive outlook, and an increased sense of motivation towards in-school success. Fostering motivation can only increase the likelihood of continued success in the future.

For individual students wishing to excel, APEX recommends a customized, one-on-one training program which aims to develop core mental skills that relate directly to classroom performance. Students can work at their own pace with an APEX trainer/coach and develop their brain’s ability to concentrate, think adaptively, and envision themselves performing well over the course of a semester or entire school year.

For an entire class or educational institution wishing to implement the APEX Program, the education and training can take place on-site or at the APEX Peak Performance Center over the course of one or more workshops. Schools also have the option of installing an APEX Peak Performance Center directly on-site with a dedicated APEX trainer working exclusively for the institution.