doc quad4The demand for improved healthcare is not only being felt by health care systems but by those providing services including nursing, medical, and health professionals. These individuals have accepted the responsibility of providing the best care and treatment for patients. While the objective of healthcare professionals is to address the body, current research reveals that addressing the mind can be just as important in the prevention and treatment of illness and injury. Science has demonstrated that the use of key mental skills can boost the immune system, prevent injury, and facilitate the recovery process following a range of illnesses, injuries, and surgeries. The development of these mental skills can have a profound impact on the patient. Prior to surgery, patients can use stress management, positive thinking and imagery techniques to calm themselves and to reduce the production of cortisol which harms the immune system. For injury recovery, imagery has been shown to enhance the recovery process and augment traditional physical therapy.

For healthcare organizations desiring to educate and train their own doctors, nurses, and other medical-imagestaff regarding peak performance mental skills, APEX has a multitude of workshop options which can be tailored to the needs of the institution. Each module of the APEX Model contributes to a greater sense of self-awareness, razor-sharp focus, and control which is often critical for those who must remain calm, composed, focused, and in control during demanding and stressful times. Many of these factors can directly affect success rate within a medical setting. There is no room for error for medical professionals, and being at their best each and every time is a must.

Senior administrators and/or doctors may opt for personalized, one-on-one training with a certified Peak Performance Trainer/Coach who will tailor a program to fit the specific needs of the client. The personalized training is more extensive than a one-time workshop and the client will work towards mastering the core mental skills involved in sustaining high-level performance.

Deliberate and spaced practice allows newly learned skills to be implemented and developed at the client’s own pace. Installing an on-site APEX Peak Performance Center with a dedicated Peak Performance Trainer/Coach allows this type of practice to take place for all staff and/or patients of the medical facility. The best and longest lasting effects of the APEX program stem from an ongoing dedication to learning the core mental skills involved in performance and recovery. Having a Peak Performance Center and trainer allows the institution to see the sustained benefits of mental skills training among both staff and patients.

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