1413001230_4e4efb1133_zWhen individuals serve this country here or overseas,  they are all held to a higher standard of performance due to the consequences of their actions. Those who serve in the military must learn to stay in control in high pressure situations, remain calm and composed under complex and adverse conditions, and maintain concentration and focus during uncertain times for their own safety and the safety of others. Although traditional training extensively covers the educational and physical components required, it rarely provides the necessary tools to enhance the level of self-awareness and control these individuals need in order to meet today’s growing challenges.

The incorporation of the APEX Peak Performance program, which includes the development of five core peak performance skills helped by state-of-the-art biofeedback technologies, into an established training regimen can provide endless benefits not only to the military and law enforcement agencies, but to each of the service organizations. While each module of the APEX Purple Heart on American Flagmodel contributes to personal growth, skills learned and utilized by government personnel can directly improve performance of various job requirements and enhance overall effectiveness.

For current or former military groups and teams, APEX has a range of workshop and experiential leadership offerings that can be customized for government organizations big and small. APEX can develop a workshop of appropriate length (typically 2-4 days) that leads to more effective communication, improved leader capacities, better time management, and greater team cohesion. APEX can also utilize the “train-the-trainer” model over the course of several workshops, in which higher-level leaders and administrators are trained by APEX in order to implement the critical elements of the Peak Performance Program within their respective teams.

For military or veterans’ organizations wanting to implement the APEX Program on a larger and/or more organization-wide scale, APEX has the capability of installing and maintaining an APEX Peak Performance Center directly on-site with a dedicated APEX trainer who will work exclusively with that organization’s personnel. This allows all personnel to attain a greater mastery of each core mental skill within their place of performance.

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