racingElite athletes do not achieve their success with physical ability alone. Although many are inherently equipped to compete in the sports arena, the level at which they compete often depends on factors they cannot improve through traditional methods such as weight training and practice. High performing athletes excel above the rest by mentally preparing for performance by controlling their thoughts, emotions, and physiological responses under pressure, which allows them to perform at their best “on call” during complex, demanding, and adverse conditions.

APEX educates and trains athletes and coaches in peak performance mental skills in order to achieve and sustain exceptional performance.


For the individual athlete looking to take their game to the next level, APEX offers one-on-one training with a certified APEX Peak Performance Trainer. This training can take place during the pre-season, through the actual golfer1playing season, or in the off-season in preparation for the following year.

For coaches looking to implement the APEX Peak Performance Program into a team environment, there are options for workshops at the APEX Peak Performance Center or an on-site, “on-field” workshop with direct application to the performance environment. Workshops can be customized to the needs and wants of the team and can be modified in terms of length and focus in order to work towards the desired outcome.


sports-imageAPEX has the capability of installing and maintaining an on-site Peak Performance Center in a team’s training facility. An APEX certified Peak Performance Trainer will be dedicated solely to the team and deliver team-wide and individualized mental skills development throughout the year. An on-site Peak Performance Center is not just where mental toughness is measured and developed; it is also where it is maintained.


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