Apex Performance is a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business


headquartered in Charlotte, NC.  The company’s framework and methodology are based on over 40 years of knowledge and experience in the fields of performance psychology, performance enhancement, and leader development.  President and Founder, COL (RET) Louis S. Csoka, Ph.D., while serving as a Professor of Psychology and Leadership at West Point, created the first-ever Performance Enhancement Center in 1989 where Cadets enhanced their academic, leadership, and athletic performance.  Stemming from Dr. Csoka’s work at West Point, Apex uses a core training framework (the Apex Model ™) that has stood the test of time and remains at the cutting edge of performance psychology with the integration of mental skills, leader capacities, neuroscience, and biofeedback.  Clients include professional athletes, executives, veterans, military units, and anyone seeking to harness and improve their peak performance capabilities.

As a veteran himself, Dr. Csoka wanted to make Apex training available to veterans transitioning out of the military and created a peak performance training curriculum specifically designed for veterans.  Through partnerships with other organizations and the VA, Apex has worked with over 800 veterans. Apex acquires data throughout training to track progress and is able to show tangible results. The data and success stories demonstrate how mental skills make a powerful impact on quality of life after service.


●Manage work/life balance    ●Develop a goal plan for success
●Make far better instinctive and intuitive decisions
●Increase motivation and confidence ●Concentrate and focus amidst distractions
●Be more resilient in high stress, high pressure situations ●Sustain high performance both personally and professionally


  • Program Goals: comprehensive mental skills training programs designed to give veterans the tools necessary to pursue academic, career and life goals with support in overcoming the challenges of re-adjustment
  • Peak Performance Training Program (Mastery):
    • Program Length: 3-6 months with each individual receiving 45-60 hours of personalized training. (Length and total hours will depend on schedules and individual progress)
    • Training Delivery: one-on-one sessions with a certified Apex Performance Trainer, group workshops, and brain training sessions
  • Other Program Delivery: Group and individualized training with training protocols customized for each veteran or Team to meet specific needs and schedules.  Apex programs can be integrated into veteran organizations, private companies, or delivered to groups and individuals.

The Apex Peak Performance Training (PPT) is a mental skills training program designed to improve performance skills to help with challenges such as difficulty concentrating, anxiety (crowds, schools, interviews etc.), and setting new goals to perform at your best no matter what the situation.  It is an individualized program that will train each participant in the 5 segments of the Apex Performance Model™ (see below).

Apex certified trainers teach participants how to self-regulate and control their physiological, mental and emotional responses to triggers such as stress and anxiety to improve their performance using biofeedback technologies. The training program has been specifically designed to provide the necessary skills to help veterans successfully transition back to civilian life and progress in their education and career goals.


The Peak Performance Training Program will train each participant in the 5 segments of the Apex Performance Model™ to achieve mastery of performance based skills. Apex training is individualized to focus on specific mental skills based on the desired outcomes and issues needing to be addressed for each individual.

Apex Poster Model (square-jpeg) 4-12-2012Setting. A systematic and dynamic process for establishing clear goals and the detailed plan for achieving them.

Adaptive Thinking. The ability to be adaptive and flexible about what you think and how you think during critical events is critical for effective decision making and problem solving. Participants are taught how to deliberately control and alter their self-talk and thought process in order to enhance performance in the moment.

Stress-Energy Management. Conventional wisdom has focused on the management of stress. Although essential for controlling the stress experienced in extreme situations, it is only part of the equation. Learning relaxation techniques allows one to return to neutral, but it is energy management that is the ultimate desired outcome. Reaching optimal levels of energy depending on the situation is what any individual must be able to do. We don’t want individuals in performance situations to be too relaxed, but we do want them to mitigate negative stress to be calm under pressure.

Attention Control. Perhaps the most demanding of all aspects of performance is for our attention. In today’s high tech, distraction-filled environment, the ability to focus and concentrate at extraordinary levels is essential. New discoveries about the brain allow us to use advanced techniques and technologies to literally “train the brain” to attend better. It is not just what we pay attention to but also how we pay attention.

Imagery. The ability to visualize a future performance before it happens is one of the most powerful tools we as humans have. It is a capability within us all, but how well one does it is determined by our lifetime experiences. Therefore, assessing one’s imagery skill and then developing and honing it provides a capability that is invaluable for creating a vision, preparing for a critical performance, practicing and improving any skill, and even healing and recovering from injury.


  • Designed specifically for veterans by performance psychology expert, author, West Point Graduate and Vietnam veteran Dr. Louis S. Csoka (COL ret)
  • Over 40 years of experience in performance psychology, education and training
  • Over 800 veterans trained through Apex peak performance programs
  • 70% to 90% success rate in improving stress mitigation skills & self-awareness. For more information on program metrics and data please email info@apexperform.com

Testimonials from veterans who completed Apex Training:

Every single veteran has inspired us with their hard work, dedication and perseverance in the face of adversity to overcome challenges and meet their goals. Here are some of their achievements in their own words:


Click the video above to hear veterans talk about the program in their own words.

“I used positive thinking and EmWave [biofeedback] prior to a big history exam to help keep me focused. The test was so easy to me, I could think of all my answers so easy…the easiest I have ever been able to on a test. I did not have to think, I feel so elated, I am on cloud 9.” – Eric McCarthy

“I used deep breathing with STOP and imagery to help me with anxiety in public places like the gas station and grocery store. I see myself calm, comfortable, and being able to go into a store, stand in line and purchase my items without any problems.” – Mike Brande

“When I write down positive statements every day I begin to feel better about myself. I can notice a difference in how I physically feel when I focus on the more positive things in my life and when I use a relaxation skill. I think I am making progress.” – Bill Davenport

“I use EmWave when I travel because being at the airport and on planes is stressful. I was delayed on my return flight home and I was very upset and stressed. I pulled out my laptop and used EmWave for a while to help me calm down.”Adam McCann

“I had studied. I was prepared, and I walked into the class feeling good, sat down at my desk, took one look at the test… and my mind went blank. I couldn’t remember how to do the first problem. I felt my heart beat increase and I started to sweat because I couldn’t remember anything, but I just put my pencil down, pushed the test away, closed my eyes, and just focused on my breathing. After two minutes I opened my eyes, started working and I ended up getting a 98% on my test!” – Ryan Rodriguez

“I was able to keep my focus and stay calm during a large presentation at BCBS by using the EmWave technique prior to and during. There was some noise during the presentation that was very distracting for me. I paused, took a deep breath, and stayed focus. It was annoying to hear this during my presentation, but I did a good job at not letting the frustration or distractions decrease my performance.” – Ron Hawthorne

“In my new position, I immediately had a meeting with my Director and Mentor (CO). As I sat down, both the Director and Mentor bombarded me with questions I didn’t have an answer for.  My tie started shaking with the pulse of my racing heart. My palms started getting sweaty and it was very clear that I was drowning in a pool of anxiety and panic.”  However, I just had to mentally focus and breathe and tell myself over and over silently in my head that there is no obstacle greater than the heart I have inside. ‘I got this’ and ‘I’m ready’ were self-talk phrases that I kept repeating to myself.” – Sevie Sarabia

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Veterans who are currently receiving Voc Rehab benefits may be eligible to receive this training. If you are a veteran located in Jacksonville, Florida or San Antonio, TX and are interested in the Peak Performance Training Programs and/or would like to receive an application please email info@apexperform.com or call 704-831-5614 ext. 4